Saturday, October 23, 2010

success n happiness.... :):)

  life - 
         ups and down
         pain and pleasure
         dark and light

  • never underestimate yourself......otherwise the environment will underestimate you and when you want to do cant.
  • dont backstabb your parents....if you are not truthful towards your cant be truthful to anyone.
  • take problems as challenges and dont be frowned over them.
  • get free from the burden of the PAST and forget the WORRY of the future.
  • use INNOCENCE of a child,ENERGY of the youth and EXPERIENCE of the old.
  • enlarge your vision......
  • get wisdom through PRAYERS and get connected to GOD.
  • +....+.....+....positive attitude
  • love youself....<3 <3

p.s.-many many to be continued :):)

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